Quince - useful properties and contraindications

Fragrant quince truly useful product, rich in vitamins and minerals, which deserves more attention than it currently receives. In this article you will learn why.

In autumn, when the Japanese quince kept pace and is bright yellow, with a pleasant aroma and sweet-sour taste, it's time to remember what is healthy and what this fruit recipes with the most delicious quince.
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Benefits and harms of soybeans for women and men.

One of the most controversial food today is soybeans. Benefits and harms of this plant of the legume family - a subject of constant discussion of physicians and scientists. Some argue for its extremely useful properties, while others - believe soy harmful products that can cause considerable damage to the body.

Caloric soybean is about 380 kcal per 100 grams. It's quite a lot, but soy products contain large amounts of protein, making them a hearty, but safe for the figure.
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Fruit that can prolong youth

Scientists have long concluded that one of the most delicious fruit has the ability to rejuvenate skin cells. And this is not an apple, and pomegranate. And for those who are constantly looking for a way to look younger and keep your natural youth as long as possible, one way out - to make in your diet grenades.
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Energy-intensive menu with a small amount calories

In the proposed system the power your body every day will receive a required minimum of calories.

On average, the human body needs about 1400-1500 calories. This is the necessary minimum. Of course, much depends on the age and the work that person performs. For example, women from 19 to 30 years need 2,000 calories, while men in the same age - 2400. After 50 years of women's body needs only 1,600 calories and men's - 2000.
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