Chocolate that halves the fat

Scientists create new recipe where apple, orange and cranberry juice droplets replace half fat content in chocolate A Willy Wonka-style discovery could lead to “skinny” chocolate bars made with fruit juice instead of fat. Scientist at the University of Warwick has come up with a way to cut half the fat from the confectionery while retaining its “chocolaty” feel.
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What to eat in the morning, to start the process of losing weight

It turns out that the query "What to eat to lose weight?" - Is not a joke. Nutritionists provide a number of recommendations about what to eat in the morning to work on digestion slimming.

Intracellular processes of aging and rejuvenation, the hormonal system - all this is directly related to nutrition. What needs to be there in the morning to lose weight during the day?
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5 fruits, which help to keep the liver and kidney health

A balanced diet is almost completely eliminates salt and fat intake significant limitations, of course, is essential to health.

The fact that we regularly do exercise, do not smoke and are able to cope with our emotions, avoiding stress and anxiety, of course, is also a factor, and improving our health and quality of life in general.

However, nature has generously offers us allies, without which it would be difficult to do: it is the fruit.

Some fruits are best suited to take care of the liver and kidney health.
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Drink milk right!

Milk is a truly magical product, granted to us by nature. It contains all the substances necessary for the development and growth of the organism. Milk fat is the basis for the synthesis of synovial fluid, ensuring proper lubrication of the articular surfaces. Milk strengthens bones and tooth enamel, improves brain activity and more. In the ancient yogic scriptures indicate that the wise men were fed only milk.
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Diet for external hemorrhoids

Purpose diet for hemorrhoids - stimulation of motor function of the intestines by the inclusion in the diet of mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli. At the same time it is full energy value and chemical composition of the diet, including foods rich in crude vegetable fiber and stimulating peristalsis of the intestines. Energy value for a day 2900-3600 kcal. Chemical composition: protein - 100-120 g (50-60% of the animals), fat - 100-120 g (20-30% of the plant) -400-500 g carbohydrate, sodium chloride - 12-15. The fluid is not limited. Culinary products processing can be varied without limitation. Eating 4 times a day.
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Cottage cheese diet: 4 options

Low-fat cottage cheese diet is one of the most gentle and helpful. In addition, in the summer it carried the easiest, because all the dairy products cool the body.

Sticking to a diet of cottage cheese can be no more than 10 days.

Important: The diet will only work if you do not break the rules of the diet and forget for a while about the sweets.
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Diet Mayo

Name a diet associated with the Mayo Clinic (USA), which specializes in the treatment of various pathologies, including obesity. The main principle of the diet Mayo: foundation of power becomes low-calorie vegetable soup, which is eaten in small portions at each meal.

  Besides soup diet is supplemented by a set of specific products and substitute products is prohibited. The dishes are prepared without the use of oil. During the day, it is important to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water.
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