Diet currants minus 4 kg in 4 days

Currant diet - one of the most useful berry diets. In addition, it contains a lot currant vitamins and minerals, it also includes a linolenic acid, which promotes the breakdown of fat cells in the human body.

During the diet you can eat like a red and black currant - their caloric content is almost the same (38 and 39 kcal). Designed diet only 4 days - during which time can take up to 3-4 kg.
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TOP 6 foods from pain

From chronic pain affects hundreds of millions of people on the planet. The pain can be removed pills, but pills are addictive and have side effects. Permanent taking them making them ineffective in the fight against pain. However, there are products that are able to manage or prevent various types of pain.
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Products to prevent the aggravation of a stomach ulcer

Proper nutrition is one of the main methods of prevention of exacerbation of gastric ulcers. So watch your diet - it is the duty of any person suffering from stomach ulcers. Moreover, the control must be very tough and without indulgence. There are products that can help prevent the development of acute ulcers and reduce the period of treatment.

Products that can truly be called useful in ulcers, not so much. This honey, cabbage, cauliflower, yogurt and pears.
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Nutrition for the liver: whole grains and foods with "bitter taste"

The body that carries out a huge number of functions necessary for our well-being and good health - this is the liver.

But often we pay it little attention, do not adhere to a healthy diet, and then suddenly there are certain problems.

The most common disease associated with liver, hepatomegaly is - an inflammatory process in which the body is greatly increased in size. If time does not take any action, it can lead to serious consequences.

A diet high in fats, sugars, refined or non-natural products can cause intoxication and prevent liver perform their metabolic and cleansing functions.

Nutritionists are two excellent ingredients that take care of the health of the liver: it foods rich in fiber, and vegetables "with bitterness."
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Diet cherries: delicious slimming

Cherry diet especially useful for those who want to quickly lose weight by 3-5 kg, while indulging in the sweet.

How useful berries cherries?

• Rich in vitamins and trace elements. Among them - vitamin C, P, and iron.
• Reduces blood pressure, help fight anemia, pain in the joints.
• Due to fructose, which it contains, quickly becomes saturated and did not want to eat.
• stimulate the work of the intestine, so this diet will help get rid of constipation.
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Doctors reported especial usefulness cherries

Experts recommend to use the beginning of the season of cherries and cherry, and, in the absence of contraindications, regularly eat these berries. The fruits of cherries, according to doctors, contains very few nutrients, but scientific studies have confirmed their ability to protect the body from inflammation, leading to cancer and brain pathologies.
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Arugula: useful properties

There are many herbs that can be used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine. One of these herbs is a wonderful arugula. This plant has many names - rocket, arugula, mustard grass. Arugula and the truth is mustard nutty very bright and spicy taste. Therefore, it can make a richer flavor of any dish.
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