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Diseases of nerves: truth and fiction

Just do not want to be treated, and that's all blamed on psychosomatics. But I'm not crazy, "uncomplimentary remarks against doctors - are not uncommon. Desperate patient years goes from office to office, but all the studies say stubbornly - healthy. Alternatively, a medical card is more like a guide, for the treatment of spent a lot of money, and there is no improvement.
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Children and pets: Observe safety rules

The benefits of pets for the development of the child said a lot. But many parents are still in no hurry to bring pets, because they fear that they may harm the health of children. What really troubles can trap babies and how to make a joint family life and pets comfortable and safe?

 the number one problem - it is, of course, an allergy. However, to get rid of the animal to learn about pregnancy should not - no one can predict whether or not she will develop in the newborn. But a special plant puppy or kitten during pregnancy is not worth it - better to wait with it until the baby is accomplished at least two to three years.

 Allergy is not only animal hair, but also on its epithelium, saliva or urine. Thus, it is not necessary to assume that smooth-haired cat or dog can be hypoallergenic - it is not. The only animals that do not cause allergy, considered reptiles and aquarium fish. But the food for them can also be allergenic.

 If parents suspect that the baby may be allergic to an animal is better to hold a special allergy tests. Some clinics can do tests on a particular cat or dog - but this service is not available in all cities.

 Prevention of allergy is a healthy microclimate in the house and regular wet cleaning. In order to generate less pet allergens should regularly bathe and comb.
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How to eat to women of different ages?

Proper nutrition is the unchanging principle of health and wellness for many years women. However, in a diet life at each stage has its own characteristics that allow the body to maintain those substances which it is most needed at the moment. Eating in accordance with them, a woman can feel energetic and strong, as well as to adapt to changes in the body so that they allowed her to lead an active life at any age.
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Bioelectronics of the XXI century: 5 technologies that will change medicine

Modern biomedical technology endeavor to resolve the strongest technical contradiction - between the rigid, non-plastic electronics and mobile human body, which is constantly going on a great number of processes and changes. Who it appears and begins to develop a new class of "smart" and flexible medical devices, which can be glued to the skin or implanted under it. Modern bioelectronics acquires new features and gradually begins to literally merge with the human body. Here are 5 modern technologies, which very soon will become the norm of our life.
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6 useful alternative coffee

Coffee - tonic drink, loved by many for an invigorating aroma and deep flavor. With a stimulating effect of coffee increases efficiency, helps concentration, fights with sleepiness and improves mood. According to statistics, about 30% of the world's population regularly consume coffee, more than 8% are "coffee people" - people who use more than 3 cups of beverage a day.

 However, the effect of coffee on the body ambiguous. According to doctors, the abuse of drink has the opposite effect: a nervous breakdown, malfunction of the heart, blood vessels, physical fatigue, and dehydration. Drinking coffee is strictly prohibited for people suffering from atherosclerosis, glaucoma, kidney disease, hypertension and some other diseases. To reduce the load on the cardiovascular system, doctors recommend to switch to decaf, or replace it with a drink, similar in properties, but does not have a deleterious effect on the body. Their use will avoid the psychological discomfort associated with the usual "coffee breaks" and, besides, will enrich the body with useful substances. Top of beverages offer you.
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myositis Home Treatment

Almost everyone is familiar with annoying, drawing pains caused by hypothermia back muscles. In some cases the inflammatory process is not limited discomfort accompanied by the appearance of edema, seals, increasing temperature. Improper treatment of acute myositis can lead to chronic illness or worsening of other pathologies of the back (spinal herniation, degenerative disc disease), it is therefore important time to pay attention to the symptoms of the disease and begin to eliminate them.
Unloading day for dried apricots

Many dieters who find it difficult to withstand prolonged diet, prefer to spend their day on the discharge of various products.

Unloading day for dried apricots - not only pleasant, but also an effective way to get rid of the extra kilos and clear the body within a very short period of time.
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Diets by Pevzner

All doctors, without exception, in certain diseases prescribed to their patients diet, developed by Manuel Isaakovich Pevzner.

Pevsner - a Russian therapist and professor who founded the whole system of medical diets a few decades ago, but they remain popular to this day, because they are designed for all kinds of diseases and taking into account the beneficial and harmful for a specific disease products.
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